Paranormal Activity


Paranormal Activity – The Romance and Furry Kind

I have always been a huge paranormal fan – both romance and horror influenced. I'm guessing it may have something to do with my love for all things mythology creatures. So, when I do find a book store, which are quite scarce these days, or scan online stores, I always make a bee-line for paranormal romance first, then I check out horror followed by fantasy. Once I've quenched my first, I head over to Young Adult for the same genres. If there's one thing that will grab me each and every time it's true ghost stories. I devor those stories. 

By this time, my hands or basket is pretty full… I mean how can anyone be around book and not buy them. I know I can't:). So, my last pit stop is cooking books. I love collecting them as much as I do paranormal books.

Now speaking of the paranormal, three review sites have recently hosted me on their blog with Cloaked in Fur being the main subject of discussion. No surprsie there:)


What about you? What are your shopping habits in book stores?


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13 thoughts on “Paranormal Activity

  1. I haven't shopped in a book store in forever…my Kindle is full of blogger buddy books, and I'm waaaaay behind.  Cloaked in Fur is in the queue of course!  So many books, so little time…However, were I to hit a book store I'd be in mystery or romantic suspense, or crime.  Weird for a sci-fi writer, I know.  But I AM weird, this has been firmly established!

    Tina @ <a href = "">Life is Good</a>

  2. Oh, I just posted today about how I love true ghost stories! I'm totally fascinated by ghosts and things we can't explain. It's funny, when I was younger I wasn't interested in the paranormal at all and now it's my favorite genre by far. Tastes can really change.

    Congrats on your reviews!

  3. I'm more likely to shop online these days since NZ's bookshops are pitiful. I'm an equal opportunity reader and "grab" at random, depending on my mood. Most of my purchases are in e-format, although I buy non-fiction research type books in paperback, usually from The Book Depository.

    Congrats on the reviews 🙂

  4. I usually hit fantasy first, and then young adult fantasy. I like to browse all the special displays, too, since usually you'll find cool fantasy sprinkled throughout the new releases and best sellers and such. I love bookstores!

  5. I mainly stay in the YA and kid section . . . even when my kids aren't with me . . . I probably look like a creeper . . . especially when I make the other kids hanging out there read to me (as a teacher, I can't help myself)!

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