Brand New Story + Cover Reveal from T.F. Walsh #UrbanFantasy

New Release – Urban Fantasy – Robin Hood retelling in a modern, gritty world overflowing with danger. Saving everyone from death falls to an unlikely heroine who just wants to run away from her past.

Welcome to Amber metropolis. Population eight million. Gangs are too many to count. Rich and powerful families own eighty percent of the city and represent five percent of the populace. The rest of the community are made up of poor suckers. And vigilantes like me from the traveler community, who have sworn to protect the less fortunate, are the last hope of saving the city from complete anarchy.


Releasing June 20th

Available Exclusively in the Gypsies After Dark box Set

Pre-Order now for 99c

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Gypsies After Dark Media Hop

Julie Morgan

Over the next month, the Gypsies After Dark authors and I will be sharing various elements from our books to celebrate our upcoming launch.

Next in the blog hop is the amazing, Julie Morgan, with her book, Blood Fortune. The Past Is Written In Blood.

Check her out her book here.

Visions can lie…but, the truth can kill.

By the 1770’s, the glory of and power of Venice have faded, leaving the crumbling city vulnerable to conquest from without and irrational fear from within. A glimpse. A rumor. A whisper. That is all it takes for one ambitious man to bring the proud city once known as La Serenissima to its knees, terrorized by the evidence of plague and the thought of witchcraft.

Sophia Marivic struggles to hide in plain sight, afraid of the ancient Slavic blood that runs through her veins and gives her the ability to foretell the future. Her deepest secret is about to become her greatest weakness when she has a vision of a dark, mysterious man approaching Venice on a strange ship. The plague she fears the man brings is nothing she could have ever imagined. Death follows in his wake as he haunts and hunts her—heart, body, and soul.  

As the body count rises, the calls for retribution against witches grow louder, and Sophia is caught in the crosshairs, trapped between the danger before her and the desire for the man who will be the death of her.

For Sophia, there can be no escape from her…Blood Fortune.


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  1. I agree with Lexa that you are incredible in how many books you write and I can attest to the high quality of your writing so what must the inside of your head be like and how little sleep do you need????   Sounds like another fantastic tale so many congratulations 🙂

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