Adventure on Nemesis Mountain by Annie McMahon

Annie McMahon is a good friend I met on an online writing forum and she's an amazing, talent author. I was lucky enough to read this novel in our group and I can't recommend this middle grand adventure enough. Get yourself a copy.
Adventure on Nemesis Mountain

About the Book:

Emilio would rather eat a slimy worm than miss the fifth grade field trip. Nemesis Mountain must be full of rare leaf specimens and bugs for his collection. Besides, he needs a break from the playground and Hans’s nonstop teasing. His excitement is squashed when he gets lost in the woods with his worst enemy.

Alone in the forest, the two boys battle to survive the harsh wilderness, facing challenges that will change their lives forever.

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About the Author

Annie McMahon is originally from Canada but now lives in New Jersey. She has a degree in computer programming, but her life took an unexpected turn and she ended up writing stories and articles instead of computer programs. Now she uses every spare minute to write children’s novels and to help other writers succeed.

Her three children have been the inspiration behind many of her short stories, over forty in total. Her flash fiction story, Paradoxical Neighbor, has been published by Nelson Education in a book for 10th graders, Nelson Literacy 10.

Annie has a certificate in copyediting, moderates a critique group for children's writers, and is the editor at UK Children's Publishing.


Twitter: @anniemcmahon20


Goodreads: Annie McMahon

Author page on Amazon:  Annie’s author page

Novel on Amazon: Adventure on Nemesis Mountain


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