Demon’s Fever (Hell Unleashed Series)


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"I did mention passion, right? Heated passion is there in spades as two people face the world they live in, the cards they have been dealt and the chemistry they cannot deny. It's badass meets badass and the sparks will fly, and secrets can be explosive." 5 Stars, Tome Tender Book Blog.
"I love, Love, LOVE the ingenuity of this series, the different types of demons, how to find them, capture & vanquish them, the mysteries & secrets behind both Cary & Levi, just ALL OF IT!!!" 5 Stars, Cherri-Anne Boitson Favorite Book Reviewer of 2016!


A half-demon dating a demon hunter... she's asking for danger.

After losing her dishwasher job, Cary Stone finds herself broke and homeless. And, oh yeah, she's also a half-demon who has to stay in hiding because everyone wants her dead. Awesome. So when she's offered a job to hunt demons at Argos Inc., she jumps at the chance to get a new lease on life. But in order to keep the job, she has to pass a series of tests.

Failing isn't an option. And then there is the hotshot demon hunter that is sexy motivation to reach her goal... but if he knew she what she really was, he'd want her dead too. Can things get any worse?
Levi Walker is pissed off. Seriously. After being the best demon hunter at Argos Inc. since forever, they want to screw him by not paying him for the jobs? Nope, Levi decides it's time to go. Or at least it was until a hunt he's on spins wildly out of control and causes a catastrophic loss...and everyone at Argos blames Levi. Now faced with being sued for the damage, Levi begins pursuing the evidence to clear his name. Jumping right into the fray, Levi soon finds himself in mortal danger. But he's a fighter who'll battle until the end...which may come sooner rather than later, now that he's met a beautiful and mysterious hunter at Argos and can barely keep his mind on the job.

Will Levi stay alive long enough to find the proof to clear his name and leave Argos for good or will Cary prove to be the sexy and dangerous distraction that he just can't ignore? 

Please note: Demon's Fever has been previously published in the boxed set - Dark Fates.

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