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Kick ass mythology

I have always loved mythology, learning everything I could about legends and creatures. Most of us have heard of werewolves, vampires, fae, but what about a dryad, cockatrice, or even a hantu demon.

A lot of this passion started early for me. I grew up listening to bedtime Romanian stories that could only be compared to the Brothers Grimm tales, and ever since then, folklore and myths have fascinated me. Most western cultures are familiar with Greek, Norse and Celtic mythology. But one of the things I plan to do is explore less familiar cultures.

rusalkaillumFor example, mermaids are one of my favorite mythological creatures. Through research, I was able to learn that in Japanese mythology there are similar creatures known as ningyo. These mermaid cousins have the traditional mermaid form of a human upper body and a fish lower body, but have further lore, which says that their tears are actually pearls. What a wonderful twist on what I consider a classic creature. And something that could bring an element of uniqueness to a mermaid story I might want to write in the future.

Each fortnight, I’ll be sharing interesting facts about a different creature or myth along with findings you may not know. And I will be adding them right here in the T.F. Walsh Myth Manual.

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Have fun!

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Banshee: Banshees are female ghosts or ‘faerie women’ who wail and shriek to herald the death of a family member.
Dhampir: Dhampirs are creatures born from the union of a human and a vampire. A hybrid.
Doppelgänger: A Doppelgänger is a mythological creature that is an exact look-alike of a person.
Dryad: Dryads are female spirits of nature who live in individual trees, unseen by humans unless they want to be seen.
Gargoyle: Gargoyles are terrifying looking creatures perched on top of buildings, it’s hard to believe that they are there as protectors and guardians!

GolemGolems are giant, clay-like creatures animated by a single word written on paper and stuffed into their mouths. Knowing the right magic to bring such a being to life, means he’ll do whatever you ask of him.

Hellhound: According to various legends, hellhounds are demonic dogs from hell with a penchant for killing. They are said to be created by demons to stand guard at the gates of hell and hunt down lost souls. There is no reasoning with a hellhound or convincing it to join your side – they are created for the sole purpose of retrieving souls!

Leshy: Leashy is a forest spirit found in Slavic mythology. A Leshy is always male and is said to protect wild animals, birds, and forests.

Min Min Light: The Min Min light is a mysterious phenomenon found throughout outback Australia.

Pegasus: In ancient Greek mythology, a pegasus was pure white stallion with a large pair of wings who brought Zeus his lightning and thunder.

Selkies: Selkies live as seals in the sea, but can transform into a human by shedding their skin.

Three-Legged Crow: Depending on what folklore you read, the crow can be an ominous or helpful presence.

Wendigo: A demonic spirit with an unending hunger for human flesh.

61 thoughts on “Kick-Ass Mythology – The T.F. Walsh Myth Manual

  1. Thanks for the interesting facts. I also have always loved the tales of different mythological beings, and grew up listening to my mother telling me fantastic stories. Can't wait to see what's coming next. 

  2. I love this part of the newsletter and to have all these different mythology creatures and what they do in one place is awesome.  Looking forward to the next one.

  3. I too am fascinated by myths and folklore. I am mostly Scottish, and my paternal grandmother apparently had gypsy blood. I am now well into Family Search and that story could very well be true! Scottish/gypsy not much of a stretch. Add to that her ancestors came from Russia and through the center of Europe where according to legend the Romany (read gypsy) came from. I believe my love of horses and cats and my feisty tempermant came from her, and obviously her ancestors. So who I am is her fault.

    I have tried to order your 'Mythology' book and I am not sure if it went through or not. I am seventy years old and only know enough about computers to be dangerous. So I am emailing you to see what you can do.

    • Hi Velma, great to hear from you… at the moment, the mythology manual is all located on this page, so you're here 🙂 But down the track, I might look at creating something easy for everyone to download. Great to have you here.

    • Hi Amy, wonderful to hear from you:) I do a lot of research on myths for my stories and have been doing so for years, now I want to share with everyone the interesting information I’ve discovered as i know there are many mythology fans out there just like me 🙂

  4. I'm absolutely loving this info on mythological creatures!!  Keep it up and I can't wait for Unicorns and I know I requested Pegasus😁😁😁 You rock!!!

  5. Hi TF,

    I am from Norse and Irish (Celtic) heritage, so the mythology you share is fantastic. I look forward to more as you find the information!

    Thank you sharing !

  6. I always loved mythology, especially sucubi! There is a great show on Netflix – Scifi channel called lost girl that covers many characters.

  7. I've read mythology books since I could first read. I even took Mythology for some of my english credits in college, but your articles have been more informative and fun to read. Thanks for sharing your ressearch.


  8. I've read mythology from a lot of cultures and find they all have a boogey man and other similar characters. Enjoying the artcles . They make me want to refresh myself on mythology again.

  9. I so enjoy these newsletters.  You give us so much info on these different species.  Keep them coming – love learning more about them. Thanks so much for doing this.

  10. I've only recently signed up for your newsletters and I have to say that the mythology is my favorite part. It amazes me that there are so many similarities through so many cultures during a time that travel and sending information was so hard and took so long.

  11. Ok the Dhampir had no bones or nails, how did they get around??  Did they turn into smoke?? Curious indeed!!  I love how you find all of these fascinating facts!!  Thanks for doing this!!!  Maybe you can add the Scottish Water Horse or Kelpie to your list???😀😀😀🐎🐎🐎

  12. Have you ever read Alvin Schwartz's story about the Wendigo? It didn't have any cannibalism, probably because it was a story meant for kids lol, but it was still scary to read as a child.

    A lot of the stories describe the Wendigo as human-like, but I also like to picture it with an animal skull. lol Hope you don't mind the pics!

  13. Another great read!!  Scary Wendigo are only found in North America and Canada!!!  What does that say about us?!?!?

  14. I am a fan of all things mythological and am constantly amazed how certain mythological beast translate into different cultures. I really enjoy reading about them in your newsletters.

    I especially like the dichotomy of the Dragon. Having spent time as a child in the east where they are seen as benevolent and good I fell in love with them. Then on moving back to the U.K., finding out that the western ones were viscous, evil beasties who destroy things with fire, I was surprised. I then married a Welshman and learnt that the Dragon was a symbol of Wales and features heavily in Welsh and Arthurian stories. I still love Dragons best of all mythological beasts though.

  15. Never heard of Min Min lights, pretty freaking awesome!!!  Thanks again for the fantastic information😁😁😁😁😁

  16. I'd heard of similar lights in Scottland and Ireland but never heard of the Min Min lights in Austrailia. Thank you.

  17. I love the info that you share with us. My father passed away last year and as long as I could remember he shared his love of mythology and fantasy with me. He taught me to read when I was 4 and I've been addicted ever since. I just love reading your site. I even shared it with my 6 year old granddaughter who can read now too!

  18. I have always loved mythology! I very much enjoy reading all the info you posted. Also read some to my youngest son, who cannot get enough! Thank you!

  19. This looks like a great book. I would like to give thanks for all your really great writings. I wish the best in keeping up the good work in the future.

  20. Really like your info on this . Can you do a print out page 

    on this ? I want to make a scrape book on it . Am also new and

    this is very interesting ! I always wanted to learn more about

    this . Thanks for doing it . 

  21. Hi Tania,                                                                                                                       I'm loving the kick ass mythology manual! I can't believe I only found it today,  I have been receiving your newsletters for months now, but I did see the episode on the min min lights of the outback a few weeks ago.                                                 We spoke a few weeks ago actually about the min min lights and some research / info I gave you about a shifter pack.                                                A great episode for this might be some of the Aboriginal / Indigenous Dreamtime stories / legends / myths! I think your readers would love it as very few would have heard of them. I too grew up reading myths and mythology and I think that's where my early love of history / relics / architecture/ archeology came from. And I love the idea that you and Velma came up with about putting this into an anthology / book and publishing it. (Does the lovely Velma hold the honour of being your eldest fan)? What an amazingly diverse readership you have!                                                                              How did your book go in that competition we voted for you in? Did you win, is it still going, do we need to vote again?                                                                            Here's another Crow story for you, but this one's not a myth it's looking like a fact, The Mighty Adelaide Crows who are currently on top of the AFL Ladder will win the AFL Premiership this year! Even my little dog wore her Barking Mad Crows Supporter jacket each week while watching the footy before she passed (shame I can't post a photo here)!           

    💙💛❤️ Jewelz❤️💛💙

    💁🏻❤️ from the 😜 🇦🇺 📖🐛❗️

  22. My granddaughter loves mermaids too. We went to the final showing of the Ringling brothers circus here in Atlanta and she was so enthralled by the performance of the mermaids, we had to buy her her own costume!

  23. I'm loving this opportunity to learn about all the mythogoly. Some I've learned about from watching shows that feature some of them, Supernatural being the biggest source for me.  Thank you for sharing!  🙂

  24. Tania, thanks for the info on gargoyles.I loved the show Gargoyles, so much I bought the DVDs. I also have two gargoyles protecting my house, I got them at a landscaping business.

    I really enjoy your mythology newsletter, keep it coming! 😸🐲

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