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What creature could be more terrifying than a blood-sucking vampire that stalks through the night? Perhaps its offspring, who is immune to sunlight.

According to Balkan folklore, a Dhampir is a creature born from the union of a human and a vampire. A hybrid. In these rare cases, the vampire male would seek out a human female. Many in the Balkans believed that the vampire would pursue a woman he lusted for when he was alive. It was not uncommon for a vampire to come back to have sex with his wife.

There is a recorded case in Serbia of a widow claiming that her late husband was responsible for her pregnancy. Unsurprisingly, some Serbian men pretended to be a vampire in order get closer to women they lusted for. 

The features of a Dhampir vary throughout the Balkans. According to Albanian legends, vampire offspring are distinguishable by their black hair and have no shadow. In Bulgarian mythology, a Dhampir is described as having no nails or bones. Another a peculiar description of the Dhampir was that it had larger than normal facial features, including the nose, ears, eyes or teeth. 

The mythological Dhampir has a number of powers, including superior strength and speed. Similar to vampires, but without their weaknesses. So,  Dhampires didn't lust for blood and weren't vulnerable to sunlight as severely are vampires. In Serbia, it was believed that these powers passed from a vampire father to his son. However, other areas Dhampirs are not exclusively male. Some myths state a Dhampir cannot transform a human into a vampire. Often, they are seen as good and protectors of humans.

Some myths say that Dahmpirs can control animals or see invisible vampires.

In popular culture, Dhampir now refers to any offspring of a vampire and a human and are often portrayed as Vampire Hunters. They appear in a number of modern series such as Vampire Academy, Blade and Blood: The Last Vampire. 

Did you know? Apparently, the word dhampir comes from Albanian. 'Pire' means 'to drink' and 'dham' means 'teeth' so dhampir means 'to drink with teeth'.

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  1. Wow, didn't know Dhampirs became Vampire Hunters.  Weird considering one of their parents is one.  Love these newsletters!  Keep them coming.

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