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If your fruit tree suddenly stops growing, or even worse, leaving you with nothing but rotten fruit the cause is simple…you have offended a dryad!

Dryads are commonly known as tree nymphs or spirits of trees that can be traced back to Greek mythology. However, most people don’t realize that there are many different types of Dryads – you’d best not call a Meliai nymph a Daphnaie, or vice versa!

In Greek, dryos means “tree”, meaning dryads are the nymphs of trees. The main types of dryads and the particular tree they reside in are: 
– Oreiades are the nymphs of mountain conifers. 
– Meliai nymphs reside within ash-trees. They are very popular because they provide plenty of shade, however your chances of meeting a Meliai are still very small. 
– Hamadryades belong to oak and poplar trees, often found alongside rivers and groves. These nymphs are tied to their tree, and so will pass away when their tree dies. 
– Maliades reside within fruit trees and are also known as the protectors of sheep! The Greek word ‘melas’ even means both apple and sheep. 
– Daphnaie are a very rare type of nymph, found within laurel trees.

Tree nymphs are very shy and will rarely show themselves to anyone who is not a trusted friend. Taking care of trees is greatly appreciated by the nymph who resides within it.

Have you heard of Dryads before? Did you know that Dryads are featured extensively throughout The Chronicles of Narnia?

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