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A dogcatcher wouldn’t be much use if you hear a terrifying growl and you see nothing that could possibly make such a sound. Run for your life because you could have a hellhound on your heels.

According to various legends, hellhounds are demonic dogs from hell with a penchant for killing. They are said to be created by demons to stand guard at the gates of hell and hunt down lost souls. There is no reasoning with a hellhound or convincing it to join your side – they are created for the sole purpose of retrieving souls!

Hellhounds are commonly described as being unnaturally large, even bigger than a wolf. They will often stink of sulfur, and their eyes will glow red or yellow. You probably wouldn’t notice many of these features before the hellhound got you!

Following some mythologies and folklores, by staring into the eyes of a hellhound three or more times, it is a guaranteed sign of your imminent death. However, based on their abilities, you are unlikely to see it more than once – if that. Hellhounds can apparently see in the dark and can control fire according to some legends, not to mention the fact that they are invisible. If that wasn’t bad enough, they possess superior strength, speed, and agility!

Hellhounds are known by many different names across various cultures, including: 
– The Black Shuck – the name of a ghostly black dog that appears in parts of England. This could be considered as the English version of a hellhound, a demonic dog the size of a horse with flaming red eyes. Some have been known to call him Old Snarleyow. 
– Cŵn Annwn – huge mythical dogs from Wales, commonly known as “The Hounds from Hell”. The ears of Cŵn Annwn are red, which is also associated with death. It is feared that their howls mean certain death for anyone who hears them. 
– Cù Sìth – a mythological beast from Scotland is said to be as big as a bull. It is said that the Cù Sìth would take a person’s soul to the afterlife, similar to a Hellhound.

Hellhounds also appear in many forms of popular fiction, such as the TV series Supernatural, and the movie Drag Me To Hell.

Did you know? Hellhound legends date back to the time of Vikings and sightings have been reported throughout history.

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