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When traveling through the Australian Outback, you might notice a small glowing orb following you. If you do – run!

The Min Min light is a mysterious phenomenon found throughout outback Australia. It is named after the small settlement of Min Min, located in outback Queensland close to Boulia – an Aussie town also renowned for camel racing and on last count (2011) had a population of only 230 residents.

Numerous accounts from 1838 have described a light that follows travelers. They are said to be fuzzy, disc-shaped lights that are often white or change colour from white, red and green. Some have been described as dim, while others were bright enough to cast shadows on objects nearby. One account even described Min Min lights keeping up with a moving car!

Aboriginal myths that pre-date European settlement have also described these lights. According to some Aboriginal Australians, these sightings of Min Min lights have increased due to the growing presence of Europeans in the outback. Many believe that the lights are the spirits of their ancestors who cannot rest because they were murdered by European settlers. According to folklore, if a person chases the light and manages to catch it they will never be seen again.

There are a number of theories to explain the Min Min light phenomenon. Bioluminescence; optical illusion and gas have all been put forward to explain the lights. Yet there is still no clear explanation for their existence. 

Glowing orbs have also been described in other countries, such as the will-o’-the-wisp ghost lights found in Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales. In Mexico, there are glowing orbs known as brujas, believed to the souls witches.

Did you know? Thirty-six sightings had occurred between 1950 and 1959.

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  1. wow that is interesting. Never heard of them. And Australia is on my bucket list so I definitely won't be chasing them lol.

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